India is the most popular country for different religions, cultures, traditions, languages, dishes, and many more. It is such a unique country whether we talk about the people and its democratic government. Here we’ll talk about some interesting facts about Indian cooking food. If you are an Indian, you can relate it with your environment, and if a courageous guy knows, you will get some interesting facts that will make you excited to learn more.

1. Mostly cook by using hands

Mostly cook by using hands

Here it’s a point out matter that they have a different level of eating. In India, making chapatis by hand and eating them daily is quite common. It is their most common way to fill their stomach.

2. Maids are available

Maids are available

Most households use maids to light the burden of their kitchen, and maids help them a lot in preparing food and cleaning.

3. No, something like curry powder

something like curry powder

We mostly use powder to make our dish tasteful, but Indians don’t have such things like this; they have different kinds of spices, and sources used to cook their dish tasty and not spices decides the dish, but dishes decide the number of spices needed.

  1. Use of hands

Use of hands

There is no knife and spoon to eat something in your whole life. You have to use your hands and wash them before food is an etiquette there. It would be best if you do everything with your hands, and its taste becomes much better when you eat by hand.

  1. Use of Coconut and mustard

Use of Coconut and mustard

Indians have different experimented dishes to serve you. They use coconut oil to make a dish, and without any confusion, I want to add here that the plate’s food looks so beautiful and not only looks even it comes to taste much better than before. They serve the mustard sauce with seafood, which pulls you to eat more.

  1. Coffee in breakfast

Coffee in breakfast

They take tea or coffee in their breakfast, and with milk and sugar, you will get a tasteful coffee in the morning, which will help you start your day.

  1. Breakfast is important

Breakfast is important

Indians have a rule not to go outside without eating, and it’s necessarily applied for the morning breakfast. For your day to start, it is necessary to take energy, and for this, you should do breakfast first and do your tasks quickly and easily. Breakfast helps you to live refreshed and gives you power for the whole day.

  1. Food timing

Food timing, 10 interesting facts about Indian cooking food

You can’t imagine their timings, for having their good. We can have changeable time to have our food. They mostly take breakfast at 10 am and lunchtime is 1;30 pm and dinner can delay till 9 pm. They worship food and respect it a lot.

  1. Veg and non-veg

Veg and non-veg, 10 interesting facts about Indian cooking food

If you visit any of the restaurants, you can easily find veg and non-veg food categories on different menu book pages. You can order anything you get comfortable with you. They don’t have so many non-veg varieties, but non-veg dishes are much better than you have ever eaten. You can find them in the street shops and market and also can taste them there.

  1. Popularity of Fast food

Popularity of Fast food, 10 interesting facts about Indian cooking food

In India, there are several markets in every state, and in every market, you can find shops for junk food where you can find different types of foods, it can be of another state, country, or religion. It doesn’t matter which states you are staying in; you can always find dishes of many traditions in only one state or shop.