One can do many things to spark the fire of love between you and your partner, but the best way might be to get away from everything. There’s nothing quite like traveling to a beautiful place, just you and your partner and making the most out of it. Love can speak in many languages, but this might be the best way to communicate.

6 Romantic Getaways In India

Here are some of the best romantic getaways in India.


Shimla, 6 Romantic Getaways In India

This might be the perfect place for you and your partner to cuddle up in the cold weather. The snow-capped mountains and pine trees with snow on them make a beautiful view. Playing in the snow, making snowman couples might be one of the romantic things you will experience with your partner.

A heritage walk and a view of the French architecture is gaze upon, else than your partner.



The hill station is nestled in the mountains’ foothills in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It lies near the Kullu Valley at an altitude of 2050M. The warm cottages, along with the exquisite view of the mountains, makes this the best place for a romantic couple. The perfect get away from the hustle-bustle of life.

If you both love adventure, then there are also some adventures that you can try out over here. Like, hiking, skiing, and even camping.

Alleppey boathouse

6 Romantic Getaways In India

Alleppey is one of the largest cities in Kerala. It has backwaters, beaches, lagoons, and lush green palms. It is the most picturesque place in India. You can stay in the quaint boathouses, which offers the best view of the fields and the hillocks as it floats through the backwaters.

This is truly one of the best places for romantics.



The name Venice of the East says how romantic this place is. The sparkling lakes and the beautiful Aravalli hills add more feathers to the hospitable and war city. The nights look great over here with all the golden lights reflecting on the lake.

Looking for the exotic India? Rajasthan offers plenty of romance

You and your partner can enjoy the best evenings under the stars with the view of the city.


Goa, 6 Romantic Getaways In India

If you and your partner both love parties and love going crazy from time to time, then Goa is the place for both of you. This place is famous for its nightlife and parties. You can also enjoy the silence of the nights right beside the beach.

You can start with a breakfast by the beach and end it with a candlelight dinner. Love here comes in waves.

Havelock Islands

Havelock Islands, 6 Romantic Getaways In India

The Havelock Islands of Andaman pampers with you the beaches and the crystal-clear waters. It offers you privacy and thrill, and you will never get bored of this place. It is the perfect place for couples. The chance to experience the beauty of this place beside your partner is the best gift of life.

You can also dive underwater and experience the beauty under the sea with the corals and sea life.