Vacation means spending time with your loved ones, and there’s nothing better than getting to spend time with your family and escaping the same old streets to some exciting destinations. Let’s look at 7 of those mind-blowing family vacation ideas!

1. Darjeeling (West Bengal)

Darjeeling (West Bengal)

known for its natural beauty, Darjeeling is a lovely hill station in West Bengal. The place offers many stunning views of the Himalayas, particularly Kanchenjunga – which is the world’s third-highest mountain peak.

People come to Darjeeling to spend their summer vacation in India with family between those lush, beautiful tea gardens. The hill station can also be visited throughout the year because of its delightful weather.

2. Nainital (Uttrakhand)

Nainital (Uttrakhand)

If you are looking to spend some good time with your family, Nainital will surely fulfill that need. The scenic hill town features a fantastic turquoise lake, chirping of birds, and a lush environment. All this and much more to make this place one of the best kid-friendly vacation spots.

3. Matheran (Maharashtra)

Matheran (Maharashtra)

Matheran is a peaceful hill station in Maharashtra, at the base of Sahyadri hills. A two-hour drive from Mumbai takes you to one of the best places to visit with kids or teenagers. The main tourist attractions in Matheran are the 38 striking peak points where you can enjoy captivating views of the picturesque surroundings from here.

4. Alleppey


In Alleppey, you can experience Kerala’s peaceful backwaters – which is termed as God’s own country due to its most natural beauty. Family members, old and young, will be delighted by the scenic views, tranquility, and lush greenery.

You can also rent a houseboat and some quiet time with your family along the water – a calm environment that’s great for conversation and catching up with your loved ones.

5. Jaipur


Royal dynasties who were ruling over the princely state of Rajasthan had once habituated in Jaipur. The culture and the finesse of the city will amaze you and your family. The city is cluttered with relics, monuments, and palaces from forgotten and lost eras.

You can also explore places such as Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, and Nahargarh Fort.

It can be fun as well as an educational family holiday. Don’t forget to take full advantage of this mesmerizing place by hiring a guide!

6. Shimla


Shimla is a trendy city in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Here you can admire British architecture which has been scattered around the place for a long time back.

The city overlooks the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Looking at the many British monuments will leave you and your family in absolute satisfaction.

 7. Shillong


Shillong is the capital of the state of Meghalaya and is listed as one of the most visited cities in the state. It is blessed with the natural beauty of green valleys, high plateaus, and cascading waterfalls, which will take your breath away!

The unrivaled beauty of Shillong will keep you and your family mesmerized. In the past, when Britishers were in power, the city served as a summer retreat. The surroundings of Shillong are composed and make for a very relaxed, casual, and enjoyable holiday.

8. Gangtok


Gangtok is the spot of various cultures in India. This city is home to many people belonging to Tibetan, Nepali, Lepchas, and Bhutanese cultures. The climate here is so pleasant for almost all the year, making this city the best vacation destination.

The city of Gangtok also has a variety of flora, including wild orchids and thickets of bamboo sheets that grow there in massive numbers, which is quite impressive to see. Don’t forget to ride on the ropeway and taste the unique foods and cuisine with your family!