Most people love going to famous tourist destinations, but if you are tired of the same known tourist destinations and want to explore something new and underrated and places in India? Travel to some of the terribly underrated destinations and spend some time in these places and escaping everything.



This town is away from all the touristy towns in Himachal. It is full of charm, and the town is replete with lakes and meadows, which makes the entire experience very beautiful. The other name is Mini Switzerland of India. You can also experience adventure sports like paragliding, horse riding, etc. The summers here are pleasant, but you can experience snow during the winters.



Located around 50kms away from Darjeeling, Kalimpong is a small town with very warm and friendly people. One can climb up the hills or dive into the cold rushing river Teesta. Monasteries here are also a spiritual getaway. The hot and tasty food in the cold weather will make our tummies happy as well.

Ziro Valley:

Ziro Valley

A valley with lush fields and rivers with picture-perfect villages is what Ziro valley is all about. The Apatani tribe that lives here also gives us a touch of the rich culture we are not aware of. Located in Arunachal Pradesh, this is the perfect offbeat place to visit. The Ziro Festival of music might be the ideal time to do so.

Osian, Rajasthan:

Osian, Rajasthan

If you are someone who loves historical then this is the place for you. It sits near an Oasis in the middle of the Thar desert makes it more adventurous. You can experience the rich culture and architecture of the 8th and 11th centuries. The work done on the temples is extraordinary.

Rainbow Falls:

Rainbow Falls

There are many waterfalls, but the rainbow falls in the middle of the jungle and is a majestic place to visit. One can dive into the water and enjoy the crystal-clear water and also see tiny rainbows because of the sunlight. Butterflies also come here in clusters and make the place very beautiful. Rainbow falls in Meghalaya.



It is an archaeological site, and it is said to be bigger than other remarkable excavations. Dharavi will offer you a glimpse of an ancient culture that existed in prehistoric times. The vast salt marsh surrounding the place further enhances the place’s charm.

Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep:

Bangaram Island Lakshadweep

If you want to disconnect from the world, then this uninhabited island is the best place, surrounded by a shallow lagoon, and the sparkling beach is just unmatched. The sunrise and sunset view is a treat to your eyes.

Unakoti, Tripura:

Unakoti Tripura

If you love, then this is the place to visit. Full of murals and marvelous rock carvings with their primitive beauty and waterfalls make you feel amalgamating between man and nature. Hindu mythology is also appreciated here. It is also an excellent destination for hiking and trekking.