Every time you got a half-eaten lunch box. Children leave vegetables on their plates. Every Child hates vegetables in their dishes. But you can make dishes with vegetables in the way they can’t find their hated vegetables. So we have brought 9 Easy tips to add more veggies to your Child’s diet:

1. Dal


Every Child likes Dal chawal, and you can play a game with it. You can mix grated lauki (Bottlehuard) or sitafal(Pumpkin) in that and see how yummy it will taste and look like a simple dal. Serve them Daal Chawal with nutritional quality.

2. Cheela


Everyone likes cheela with dhaniya chatni. You can smash or crush or puree vegetables you want to add to the cheela Batter, and your loved one will not get any clue about that. You can also try this technique with dosà batter and fillings. It is easy to add mixture as filling.

3. Idli


Idli sambhar is a dish in which you can add any other vegetables, and without any guess, they will eat their whole plate. You can also choose mixed puree of various vegetables in sambar and decorate the dish with a raw vegetable like carrot, turnip, etc.

4. Gravy dishes

Gravy dishes

Soybean cheap, Matar paneer, etc., need gravy to make them tastier. So here is an idea for you to give them more nutrition with their favorite sabji. You can add nutritious pumpkin, Bottle Gourd, and more vegetables in their gravy.

5. Pasta sauce

Pasta sauce

Tasty white sauce pasta or red sauce pasta will work as a blessing to you, and you can add carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, and many other vegetables in this and will quickly get a clean plate of food.

6. Patties


In their favorite aloo patties, you can add chopped vegetables and mashed beans in that and give vitamins to them quickly. Aloo patties with red sauce can bring water in anyone’s mouth, you can add dry fruits in that sweet sauce and also can mix pure of other vegetables in it.

7. Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji

On every occasion, we want Pav bhaji, and they also like it then Why don’t you make their favorite bhaji differently and add your favorite veggies in their favorite veggie.

8. Vegetable noodle

Vegetable noodle

Soupy noodles, that’s yummy. You can give noodles to them in their snack time, add small pieces of tasty vegetables, and let them eat with fun. You can take the help of readymade noodles or use atta noodles, add mixtures of puree and other vegetables, cheese, etc in your recipe.

9. Smoothies


They want to eat ice cream, offer a new thing to them. You can make smoothies by adding a paste of spinach, carrot, and other vegetables with fruits like banana, pineapple, mango, etc. in this way, you can give nutrients, vitamins, and beneficial vegetables without requesting them to eat any specific veggie.

You can also try other experiments with your recipe and efficiently serve vitamins and nutrients on their plates. Try to make their favorite dish mostly, so that you can add vegetables and they can devour it.