The United States is known for its beautiful beaches. You’ll find pristine beaches and exciting beach culture in both San Diego and Miami.

Surfing, beach volleyball, sunbathing, swimming, and even meeting sea turtles are all possibilities. Even better, the best beaches in the United States are surrounded by things to do and see, making them ideal weekend getaway spots.


  1. Cannon Beach (Oregon), Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach (Oregon), Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is without a doubt one of the best beaches in the United States. It even made National Geographic’s list of the top 100 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Haystack Rock, a dramatic rock formation that juts up from the shoreline and is accessible during low tide, distinguishes this lovely sand beach. If you’re looking for natural beauty, don’t read any further without making a note of Cannon Beach.

The beach is in Cannon Beach, a small coastal town that attracts tourists seeking a beautiful coastal experience and locals seeking a peaceful existence.


  1. Honolulu’s Sandy Beach

Honolulu's Sandy Beach

Do you prefer to surf to swimming? Then a trip to Sandy Beach is a good idea. Not only are the waves notoriously large, but swimmers are prohibited from entering the ocean, which means you won’t have to dodge rogue swimmers when surfing. There is also a coast guard tower for further security.

Non-surfers can, of course, enjoy the beach from the ground. It’s the ideal position for sunbathing, reading, and admiring the surfing prowess. Sandy Beach is also known for its spectacular sunsets, so don’t leave without seeing them.


  1. Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach Florida

The most popular portion of Miami Beach is South Beach, which is where Miami goes to play. The seashore is lined with clubs, restaurants, attractions, and stores, with the occasional skyscraper thrown in for good measure. The sandy shores of South Beach are lined with brilliantly painted art-deco beach buildings, so it’s evident that it’s worth a visit. It is not uncommon to see celebrities at the beach, and we can see why because it is so gorgeous. The actual charm of this beach site, though, is the suburban setting. You may see this for yourself by visiting the Art Deco Museum, the World Erotic Art Museum, or PALACE, a daytime snack bar that transforms into a drag bar at night.


  1. Eastham, MA’s Coast Guard Beach


Eastham, MA's Coast Guard Beach

Okay, Cape Cod’s Coast Guard Beach is the polar opposite of Miami Beach. It is one of the best beaches in the United States for experiencing a rural coastline because it is uncommercialized and lined by bushland rather than skyscrapers. The beach is well-known for its resident seals, which can be seen bobbing in the shallows. If you want to see wildlife, paddle, and sunbathe, this is the place to go.


If you want to swim, though, you should go somewhere else. Because sharks are common on Cape Cod, this beach has a no-swimming restriction. Of course, seeing great white sharks from the shore has its own allure.