Just saying the word “Italy” brings up visions of love, delectable cuisine, and historic architecture. There are so many things to do in Italy that deciding where to start might be difficult. Italy has something for everyone, from the Mediterranean to the Alps. While everyone flocks to Rome and Venice, this amazing country is home to a plethora of famous sights, breathtaking landscapes, and lovely cities. It is true that Italy has it all.

Best Things To Do In Italy

Get behind the wheel The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline along the Amalfi Gulf

The Amalfi Coast is the stuff of legends. This stunning length of Mediterranean coastline runs over 50 kilometers and passes through some of Italy’s most attractive cities, including Positano, Amalfi Town, Ravello, and Sorrento. This stretch of coastline is one of the most gorgeous spots to visit in all of Italy, with high sea cliffs and extensive expanses of stunning beaches.

The Amalfi Coast lives up to its reputation, and we discovered that staying in Positano with a view of the Mediterranean from our balcony made it one of Italy’s most romantic destinations.

Reserve a Room With A Balcony In Positano

While the Amalfi Coast has many attractions, Positano is the quintessential town where colorful terraced buildings cling to the sides of cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Positano might be crowded, but if you book a room in one of the hotels that line the water, you can retreat to a romantic hideaway while taking in the sights. We stayed at Palazzo Talamo in Positano, which was close to the ocean, the ancient town, and a variety of restaurants and stores.

Take a Cruise to Capri

You must take a boat ride to Capri Island to see the blue grotto and get a glimpse into the lives of the affluent and famous while visiting Positano, Sorrento, or Amalfi Town. Capri is a lovely island located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy. A full-day tour of Capri with a stop at the blue grotto is included in the ultimate Capri boat trip. The Blue Grotto, also known as Grotta Azzurra, is Capri’s most popular attraction. But you won’t stop there; you’ll see other grottos, the natural arch, the Faraglioni cliffs, and the lighthouse at Punta Carena. Snorkeling, refreshments, drinks, and limoncello sampling are all included.