Everyone has heard the proverb “you need water.” But why does your body need water? And what advantages does water have? In order to maintain your happiness, health, and hydration, we have the answers to these questions as well as the numbers indicating how much water you should be consuming.

-What Advantages Does Water Possess?

Water consumption provides a lot of advantages and is crucial for many bodily processes. Your brain requires water most of all to maintain focus, motivation, and a steady mood. Dehydration can decrease the amount of oxygen getting to your brain and simply make you less focused on the task at hand. Bad breath and unpleasant tastes are more likely to come from a dry mouth, which can even encourage cavities. Your skin is less elastic when you are dehydrated. Because of this, chronically dehydrated skin is more prone to wrinkles (though drinking a ton of water does not prevent wrinkles).

Your heart suffers as a result of dehydration. Your blood volume decreases when your body’s water content decreases. Exercise is quite difficult when you are dehydrated because your heart has to work harder to pump enough blood and oxygen to your organs and muscles. Additionally, when you become too heated, the blood vessels on the surface of your skin enlarge to release heat. You stay hotter when there is less blood flow because it takes a higher temperature to cause your blood vessels to expand.

Contrary to popular opinion, water is connected to but not the cause of muscle cramps. Your muscles receive less blood and oxygen from your heart when you are dehydrated. This causes your muscles to tire more quickly, and weariness leads to cramps. Water is still essential for exercise because it lubricates your joints and aids in the removal of waste from your muscles as they contract. The kidneys filter and eliminate waste from your bloodstream, so being highly dehydrated can cause toxins to build up in your kidneys and, in severe circumstances, lead to kidney failure.

-Simple Ways to Fill Up

  1. Drink iced tea or coffee. Studies demonstrate that these sips are still hydrated even if caffeine can have the opposite effect.
  2. Improve your ice. Taps bore you? In ice cube trays, freeze pureed strawberries, basil, and lime juice. Use seltzer to serve. Alternately, try one of these other easy DIY flavored ice cubes.
  3. Lift your beer glass. After exercise, one low-alcohol beverage with an alcohol content of under 5% can help you stay hydrated just as well as water.