When you are in college, most of the students are at the same age, and at that age, you are full of energy, passionate, enthusiastic, and want to go places. There is no better time to travel, but most students don’t have the resources to travel, so these travels cannot just stay on your bucket list. Here’s how you can travel as a college student.


Volunteer, How to travel as college students

Volunteering is probably the best way to travel as you can make a difference, be a part of something, and travel and go around to places. It doesn’t matter what type of work, enjoy the bonus and go to different locations. You can always check with your college or other clubs to see if you can volunteer for any jobs.

Travel during the low season:

Travel during the low season, How to travel as college students

Being a college student does not have many responsibilities; you have to be flexible with your timings and travel during the low season. When fewer tourists travel to specific destinations, you should go for it as the tickets and hotels’ costs are very low.

Stay free/cheap:

Stay free cheap, How to travel as college students

Staying without paying is the best, and you can do that with couch surfing as it allows travelers to live in houses of other locals with minimum requirements fulfilled. Hostels can be another very cheap room service as it does not charge as much as hotels, which is perfect for college students.

Car share:

Car share, How to travel as college students

Travelling can be expensive, especially if you are going solo, but if you can take a carpool or share your ride with people who are going to the same place, then it is the best as the cost can be cut down and you can save some money.


Saving, How to travel as college students

Most college students don’t have a fixed income, and it will be hard to travel like that but learn to save from the start. During college itself, use only what’s required and do not spend recklessly. Remember where you want to go and save for your travels.

Student discounts:

Student discounts

Many destinations provide discounts for students, so make sure you make the most of it. It can be for travel, flight tickets, accommodation, or even some tickets to get inside the museum. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and then you can end up saving a lot of money.

Pack smart:

Pack smart

Whenever you are traveling, make sure you pack smart as it can help you in times of trouble, don’t forget to pack some medicine, essentials, toiletries, and try to travel light as it is easy and will also save you money on baggage.



It’s better to research before you go about the culture and the people. There might be different rules and restrictions in some places. It is also beneficial if you learn a few words of the language as it can be helpful for you to converse in the area. Choosing locations beforehand can also be very helpful in saving you time and from scams.