According to the report, the top aviation authority has said that Singapore and India are talking to resume flight service between them.

But still, Singapore has not confirmed any such news and any arrangement of air bubbles with India. The air bubble is very important because it gives exemption from quarantine. This is very necessary to resume flight service between any two countries.

India to resume flight to Singapore

As per the report of News Asia, both countries want to resume the flight service between these countries and for that purpose meeting is going between the countries. But for travelling passengers have to take care of the Covid 19 safety measures like social distancing, mask, covid testing, etc.

Indian High Commissioner to Singapore has said that both the countries are equally interested in resuming the flight service to resume the connectivity which was present for the past many years. He also said that they would start the service with a limited number of passengers, which will increase as the situation gets better.

India to resume flight to Singapore

India is operating a few international flights to bring the Indians from the other countries who are stuck there because of the pandemic. But these flights are also facing restrictions due to Covid 19 protocol. India has brought around 50000 people from foreign countries. But still, many people are stuck there and want to return home because of job loss, medical emergency, family matters, etc.

India operates around 18 flights to Singapore from different cities of the country.