What is there to say about Egypt? It’s a land of legends and myths, ancient civilizations, and the Giza Pyramids. Egypt is a fantastic country to visit, having some of the world’s most fascinating historical sites. There’s a lot more to Egypt than the pyramids, as we’ll see as we go through these fascinating facts about Egypt!

Egypt is home to the world’s only surviving ancient wonder.

Egypt has the sole surviving monument of the seven ancient wonders of the world. The Great Pyramid of Giza in El Giza, Egypt, is the only structure that has survived the test of time. The Pyramids of Giza are located in Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, and are as awe-inspiring as they have always been. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the largest of all the pyramids, and it was constructed in the fourth century to accommodate Pharaoh Khufu. Cheops’ Pyramid is the name given to it now.

No, Slaves Didn’t Build the Pyramids

When it comes to the pyramids, I’ve always assumed they were built by slaves. It wasn’t until I went to Cairo that I realized the pyramids were built by real workers. Archaeological finds revealed that the laborers were housed in purpose-built villages and that they were well fed and cared for. What you discover when traveling fills our young heads with loads of interesting stuff!

The Afterlife Of The Ancient Egyptians

Some interesting facts about the Pyramids include the notion that they were created to house ancient Egypt’s pharaoh and convey them and their families to the afterlife. The Pharaohs and their families were buried in the pyramids. Ancient Egyptians thought that in order to enjoy a pleasant afterlife, individuals had to observe rigid laws. They also believed that it was the responsibility of the living to assist them on their journey to the afterlife. The mummification process was done with great care because the ancient Egyptians thought that the body needed to be maintained in order to be reincarnated and transported to the afterlife. Animals were even mummified.

Ancient Egypt’s Many Gods

It was difficult to navigate life as an ancient Egyptian since there were so many Gods to satisfy. They worshiped hundreds of Gods and Goddesses and had to continually labor to maintain their lives in balance and assure their place in the afterlife by making them all happy. Gods, like our celebrities today, went in and out of favor over time. Isis, Osiris, and Ra – The Sun God – were some of the most enduring Gods.