Traveling to places can be wholesome and energizing or spiritual, and there are no such restrictions of age, but we will try and put a list of sites that you should probably visit before you are 31.

Here are some places that you should plan to visit in India before you turn 31.



Kashmir is also known as the living heaven on earth. Kashmir is one of the best places to visit as you can explore the world-famous Tulip Garden in Srinagar. You can ride the famous Gondola in Gulmarg or trek to one of the Alpine Lakes. You will also experience floating gardens and pristine valleys. The level of beauty is exquisite.



An escape from the heat, this cold desert with the hills calling for you. Once you take a trip to this place, you will have an unbreakable bond with it, and you want to dive in deeper and deeper. A perfect road trip destination, Ladakh offers some white dunes and green valleys, high mountain passes, and old monasteries.



Located at 7200 ft, Pelling is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sikkim, with flora and fauna. It has some astonishing waterfalls and spiritual monasteries. It also has one of the highest bridges in Asia. The beauty here is unmatched to any other place.



If you want to uncover the real north-east, then you have to visit Mon. Located in Nagaland, it shows you the simplicity of life, and the environment over here astonishes you. Stay in cozy cottages and expedite the Veda Peak. You can also learn about the life of the people there.



If you want a breath of a foreign country, then visit Pondicherry; it is a French colonial and Union Territory, a pure beach destination. IT’s a rich heritage, and the quaint French bakeries are the main attraction. The French legacy is still alive here, and you can experience it all here in India.



A scenic hot-spot in Tamil Nadu where you can spend your holidays. It is situated in the Nilgiri Blue Hills and is often known as the Queen of Hills. You can enjoy the toy train ride as you enter the lush hills. It has a lot of places to visit and also some adventure activities for the visitors.



It is known as the Yoga Capital of the World. It is a blend of yogis, sanyasis, travelers, hippies, and adventurers as it cares for all kinds of visitors. You can enrich yourself spiritually and mentally with the yoga and meditation centers and add to the thrill of all the adventure sports it offers.



The pristine valley of Manali resting in between two Himalayan Ranges is a beauty in itself. You can witness the gushing streams. The best time for a trip would be during the summer vacations; it is also best known for the adventure it offers, like paragliding, zorbing, and rafting. Tourists can also enjoy a trek. It is arguably the best summer holiday destination.