The northeastern part of India, which is also known as seven sisters, is famous for many beautiful natural locations. There you can experience the real beauty of nature. There are still many places in the northeast which are unexplored. Apart from places, it has some weird traditions which are very much common. So here we will discuss some top-secret traditions of North East India.

1. Home of The Last Surviving Headhunters

Home of The Last Surviving Headhunters

Nagaland is the home of the last surviving Headhunters. The Konyak tribe of Nagaland was known for the headhunting of their enemies. Hunting of heads was considered pride, and in return, they got a tattoo on their face.

The head’s tradition was stopped in the 1940s, but still, you find many people with a tattoo that shows that they are from the headhunting clan.

2. The Only Matriarchal Society Of India In Meghalaya

The Only Matriarchal Society Of India In Meghalaya

There is one tribe in Meghalaya known as the Khasi tribe is famous for following the matrilineal system. In this tribe, women are the head of the house, and they have to take care of every member in the house.

Women do hard jobs to run the family, and men use to do household work. In this place, a girl’s birth is celebrated with pride and joy, whereas they considered boys as a gift of nature.

3. The Unusual Ambubachi Mela

The Unusual Ambubachi Mela

This is a fair which is held every in mid-June at the Kamakhya temple of Assam. It is believed that the goddess Kamakhya goes on her menstruation course during this period. During this time, all the temples in Assam, including the temples at home, remained closed for three consecutive days in order to give space to the goddess to rest.

Apart from these things during this mela, you will see Sadhus, Aghoris, sanyasi, etc., singing and dancing together.

4. Sanctuary Of The Exotic Species

Sanctuary Of The Exotic Species

We all know that the northeastern part of India is the hub of biodiversity. It is the home of many endangered plants and animals. You will find some of the notable species: Red Panda, One-horned Rhinos, Hoolock Gibbons, Hornbills, Clouded Leopard, Gayal, Roofed Turtle, and Langurs, Sangai, and many more things.

5. Host Of The World’s Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble

Host Of The World's Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble

On 12th June 2013, around 368 participants played the guitar on the tunes of ‘Knocking on heaven’s door,’ a song by Guns N’ Roses to promote brotherhood and harmony. This incident was also registered as a Guinness World Record.

6. The Ancient Tradition Of Barter System At Jonbeel Mela

The Ancient Tradition Of Barter System At Jonbeel Mela

This is a kind of fair held every year in the Morigaon district of Assam, which the Gobha and Ahom Kings host. This fair was started in the 15th century, and it is still practiced today. This fair is also famous for the traditional barter system where people exchange goods for getting goods.

7. Nghah Lou Dawr Culture Of Mizoram

Nghah Lou Dawr Culture Of Mizoram

There is a place called Aizawl, which is around 65km away from the capital city of Mizoram. This place is famous for having shops without shopkeepers. In these shops, you will get a price list, and you have to put the money which you will take from the shop.

Generally, people don’t cheat and leave money for the things they take from the shop. This is also a very good practice to check the trust and empathy of the people.