In India, there are many popular tourist destinations. Some places are for romance, fun, adventure, etc. But there is one more category that is horror. In India, there are many horror places where people go to experience the Ghost. We had heard stories of the Ghost from our child, which has increased our interest in these places. Here we will discuss some of the most dangerous haunted places in India.

1. Headless Ghost of Dow Hill, Kurseong

Headless Ghost of Dow Hill Kurseong

The victoria Boys hostel is one of the most haunted places in the village of Kurseong. You will see everything related to ghosts like haunted buildings, haunted roads, a headless ghost, Ghost in red-eye, etc. People of that place advise tourists not to go to these places in the night time.

2. Lower Circular Road Cemetery, Kolkata

Lower Circular Road Cemetery Kolkata

Park street of Kolkata is one of the most popular and happening places in Kolkata. But there is a cemetery besides, it has many horror stories, and people there experience some supernatural thing daily. There was a person by the name of W.H Mac Nghten who was buried there. Whenever anyone talks about him, his grave starts shivering.

3. Shivering tree in Lower Circular Road Cemetery, Kolkata

This place is situated at a distance of 9Km from the Shantiniketan. This is a Shakti Peeth, which is in the center of the paddy field. Here people experience the presence of Ghosts around them. They feel that something is looking at them or something is following them.

4. Tarapith, Rampurhat, Birbhum

Tarapith Rampurhat Birbhum

In Tarapith you can experience the presence of ghosts around you. In this place, you are not allowed to use the light after the sunset. You will see many sadhus, aghoris, Tantrik, etc., who move freely in the dark, which is enough to scare anyone.

5. House of Dolls or Putulbari, Kolkata

House of Dolls or Putulbari Kolkata

This place is famous as a House of Dolls in Kolkata. There you will find the collection of the Roman designed doll on the first floor. People often heard the sound of ghungroos, giggling, laughing, etc., from the floor every night. Some people have also felt the presence of something unnatural on that floor.

6. Aleya Ghost Lights, Sunderban

Aleya Ghost Lights, Sunderban

This place is located in the region of Sunderban. The foolish fire is very common in this swampy area. The place has a unique and weird pattern of light, and the fisherman who has followed this light has never returned. People say that this is the Ghost’s signal, and whoever follows it, the Ghost takes that person with him.

7. Ghost of Lady Metcalfe

Ghost of Lady Metcalfe

People used to believe that the central library has a ghost of women who like to arrange things in a proper manner. Many people also say that they felt that someone is watching them when they do not keep the book proper after reading it.

8. Begunkodar, Purulia

Begunkodar Purulia

This railway station was closed for the past 42 years, but one day a guard saw that a woman in the white saree was walking on the track, and on the very next day, she died mysteriously. After that, it is common to feel her presence around the railway station. In that station, only five trains stop there and that also before 6 pm.