This lovely town in Andhra Pradesh is located on the west bank of the Godavari River. It’s one of the country’s best-kept secrets, from which you can travel to Vijayawada

You can visit two places in one day, including Undavalli Caves and Kanaka Durga Temple.

Kovvuru is located on the west bank of the Godavari River, 92 kilometres (57 miles) from the district headquarters. As the river Godavari is sacred in the Hindu religion the tourist gets attracted towards colour.

Religious talks about the city

Gover was the previous name for this town.  According to the Brahma Puranam, Kovvur (Govuru) is the location of Gautama Maharishi’s Ashramam. He farmed in the surrounding areas to support his Ashramam. Gautama Maharishi accidentally kills a cow grazing in his paddy field by throwing a Vidarbha at it (sharp, pointed grass). Gautama is enraged by this incident and offers Lord Shiva magnificent tapas in the Brahmagiri mountains. The god, pleased with his tapas, wipes away his sin and allows Ganga to flow through his farm, purifying it (Kovvur). The river that resulted is known as “The Godavari,” which means “born from the slaughter of a cow.” It is also known as “Gautami” in honour of the maharishi’s efforts in bringing the Godavari to India.

Kovvuru is a shortened version of Govuru that came from the above story. This is emphasised by the names of various locations around Kovvuru.

‘Pushkaralu’ – Famous tourist attraction of the place

The festival begins on the Chaturdashi day (thithi) (14th day) of the Ashadha (June/July) month when the planet Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of Leo. Although the festival is “theoretically” observed throughout the twelve months the planet is in that sign, the first twelve days are considered the most sacred.

The pushkaram occurs every 12 years

How to reach kovvur

By road

The town’s total road length is 70.45 kilometres

From the Kovvur bus station, the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation provides bus services.  In 2015, the depot reopened.

By train

Kovvur is one of fourteen D-category stations in the South Central Railway zone’s Vijayawada railway division.

After the completion of the Kovvur-Bhadrachalam road railway line, Kovvur will become a potential railway junction between both Telugu states.

It is a more convenient as well as budget-friendly route as compared to any other route.

The nearest airport, located 15 kilometres from town, is Rajahmundry Airport.