If you are an Indian, you know about the taste of food required for an Indian. And if you lived abroad and are excited to know about that, here we have brought the Top 10 best Indian dishes for you; India has uncountable dishes and varieties with different flavors.

1. Chicken Makhani

Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

Butter chicken, cooked in Tandoor. It may be grilled, roasted, or pan-fried. Its gravy is fabulous and made with various vegetables like ginger, onion, garlic, tomato, etc., making it addicted to its flavor.

2. Samosa

Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

Samosa chain is the most famous snack in India. And it is fun to eat samosa chai during rain. Also, filling in the skin of flour then fried in hot oil smells tasty, and none can control his temptation for it.

3. Aloo gobi

delish-aloo-gobi, Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

Aloo Gobi with a squeeze of lemon and serve it with puris, a mouth-watering dish. It’s not just a simple aloo gobi. You can also find tomato, onion, coriander, etc., which make it tastier.

4. Matar paneer

Matar paneer, Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

It is most famous as dishes cooked on occasions. Gravy is a mixture of several purees, and boiled peas bring great taste to it. They use various kinds of spices to make a vegetable tasty and spicy.

5. Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken, Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

If you have ever gone to eat street food in India, you have eaten it or see it on restaurants’ menu. This curried meat has come from Kashmir and the main dish for every Wazwan.

6. Chana aloo curry

Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

India has many experimented recipes to make a tasty dish. Aloo with chana and its curry, which usually tempered and became fabulous. They eat it with chapatis and bread.

7. Naan


Naan is also of different types like Paneer naan, butter naan, chili naan, and others. You can find this in any marriage party or any festival food. It is made by using flour and other mixtures.

8. Masala chai

Who can stop himself from drinking this flavored tea? This masala chai is made by adding ginger, pepper, tulsi, and other spice and adding more shrubs. It can make your mind fresh and warm you up in the cold.

9.  Shu ‘Bah.’

tomato soup, Top 10 best Indian Dishes and Recipes

It is a tomato soup, sometimes known as ‘Shorba.’ It is a light spice soup with ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, etc., which brings the classic flavor tasty. They serve it mostly in snack time and for an ill person.

10.  Chutney


It is made with brown sugar, turmeric, red wine vinegar added with mango, onion, coriander, etc., and they eat it with samosa, pakoda, cheela, etc. It has excellent flavor and also can store it for some days.

Indians have other dishes too, which can make you tempted for those. They use various kinds of spices and flavors; you can say Indian men are so foody, and there are many religions and different states with different dishes like sambhar, bhaaji, etc. You can learn spices from your Indian friend; he can tell you everything about Indian flavors.