India has a rich cultural heritage. You can experience a different culture, living style, food, tradition, etc., at a distance of every 100km. Like you can enjoy mountains, snowfall, etc., in India’s northern part and you can experience greenery, sea, etc. in the southern part of the country. These are a few reasons Indian is a popular travel destination worldwide. But everything has its flaws; that’s why there is a need to know something that will save you when traveling to India. So here we will explain some tips that will keep you when you are traveling to India.

  1. Know the entry requirement

Know the entry requirement

Entry requirement means you need a passport, visa, and a return ticket because these are the basic things that will provide you entry to the country. If you plan to stay for more than thirty days, you must learn about Electronic Travel Authorization(ETA).

  1. Don’t try to Cover Too Much Ground.

Don't try to Cover Too Much Ground.

While you are traveling to India, do not cover too much area rather than spend more time in one place. This will help you in knowing the place properly, and you can enjoy each and everything in the place like food, tradition, clothing, etc., and many more. It will also let you connect and interact with the local people.

  1. Plan according to the Weather


As we know, India has different climatic conditions in different regions. Basically, the country has four main seasons, that is summer, winter, monsoon, and post-monsoon. But the effect of each season is different in every region. So you must visit the northern part of India in the summer season like Ladakh, Darjeeling, Shimla, Manali, Nainital, etc. But in the winter season, you can visit places like Mumbai, Kerala, Hampi, Goa, Rajasthan, Agra, etc.

          4. Bring Traveller’s Diarrhea Tablets

No matter how cautious you are while traveling. There is a high chance that you will contact bacteria and viruses that will make you ill. So you must carry proper medicines while traveling.                      5. Beware of Fraudsters, Scammer, and Touts

In India, you will get several fraud people who try to make tourists fool and take a lot of money from them. These people mostly target foreigners. So when you plan to travel to India, you must book all the tour packages, hotels, etc., from the Ministry Of Tourism’s official website.

           6. Go Beyond Cities

Go Beyond Cities, Top 10 Travel Tips for Travel In India

In India, there were many big cities where you can enjoy the modern lifestyle. But if you want to see actual India, you must go village-like because you can experience the slow pace of life, clean air, friendly people, etc., in the rural area.

7.Dress Modestly



maxresdefault, Top 10 Travel Tips for Travel In India

There is no limitation on wearing any clothes in the country. But there are some places like temples, mosques, Gurudwara, etc., where there is a need to dress properly because dressing properly will show your respect towards religion.

8. Money

Money, Top 10 Travel Tips for Travel In India

You can access your cards and online payment for transactions in cities, but you will not get any swipe machines in rural areas. So you must have the proper amount of cash with you.