Traveling is the thing which everyone likes. Some people travel to explore, enjoy, release the stress, and for much more reason. There are many famous and mesmerizing tourist destinations in the world and especially in the heart of Europe. Traveling by plane is good, and almost every person prefers this. But have you ever thought of traveling on a cruise? So here we will discuss some Top 5 Alternative Romantic Cruises.

Top 5 Alternative Romantic Cruises

1. Cruise the Greek Islands

Cruise the Greek Islands, Top 5 Alternative Romantic Cruises

This is the best destination for couples. You will get to see many islands, and each island has its own specialty. You must try to explore all these islands. If you are going on a honeymoon, you must visit Santorini because it is the most romantic place.

Nature beautifully surrounds the place, and in addition to that, the human-made architecture makes this place like heaven. To visit other islands like Mykonos and Paros, you can book a tour via boat to enjoy each and every place.

2. London Thames Cruise

London Thames Cruise, Top 5 Alternative Romantic Cruises

Generally, in group tours and cruises, you have to follow the plan strictly, and it does not allow you to explore more places. But this is not the case with the Thames River Cruise. On this cruise, you can go to any place you like. There is also an option to book lunch and breakfast. You will get tickets which vary from 24 hours to 72 hours.

3. Cruise the Coast of Croatia

Cruise the Coast of Croatia,

Traveling from the city to the sea with your partner is the most romantic thing any couple can do. For this purpose, a romantic Croatia cruise is best. This destination is best, especially for honeymoon couples. The place is in southern Europe, which is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Many scenes of Game of Thrones have been shot in this place. There are places to visit there like Old Town Dubrovnik and the home of Buza where you can enjoy the sea view with wine.

4. Cruise around Greenland

Cruise around Greenland,

This is the best place for the couple who wants to take a break from the stressful life of cities. Here you can enjoy the winter by breathing in the fresh and chill air. The journey starts from Iceland, and it ends at the coastlines of Greenland. In the journey, you can enjoy the real beauty of nature with the modern man-made architect. Some of the most important places are Giant icebergs and Disko bay.

5. Cruise Canals in Wales

Cruise Canals in Wales

The narrowboat cruise through wales is best for those couples who want to relax and refresh themselves. The trip will start from Llangollen Canal and will end at Montgomery Canal. On this path, you can enjoy the scenic beauty and true beauty of nature. The place is full of beautiful destinations.