Everyone loves to travel, going to new places, exploring new things, etc. Our country India is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. You can experience snow and mountains on the north side and seas and beaches on the south side of the country—similarly, desert in the western part and forest in the eastern region. But everyone doubts about the things to take and how to plan a trip. So here I will give you some tips which are very important for any new traveler.

1. Don’t be Scared

Don't be Scared

Everyone is very scared when they are traveling for the first time. But you will be fearless if you want to enjoy your trip. You are not the first person to travel. You can get the full details of the place and how to reach there on the internet. You can also watch the vlog and learn from the problem faced by the other travellers.

2.Dont Live by Your Guidebooks

Dont Live by Your Guidebooks

Guidebooks will give you an overall idea of the place. It makes you aware of the place and how to get there and some famous things about that place. But it doesn’t give you an update about the new restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. To get the latest update you can use the website like Meetup.com or Couchsurfing which will connect you directly to the local people.

3.Travel Slow

Travel Slow

People generally make mistakes by planning to cover many places in a short span of time. If you plan your trip in this way, then you will be unable to enjoy the places. This will make you exhausted and tired, and you may also fall ill. So when you plan a trip, try to spend more time in one place and enjoy everything related to that place because it will help you enjoy and make memories.

4. Pack Light

Pack Light

Don’t make your luggage heavy because you will get exhausted in carrying your luggage from one place to another. You will get everything at the place where you are going at a cheaper rate and for one use. So instead of packing many things, take a light bag and enjoy your trip.

5.Bring Some Extra Money

Bring Some Extra Money

Every time things don’t go the way you plan. So when you are traveling, keep some extra money for an emergency. You never know when you will fall into a situation where you need it. Apart from troubles, the places have many activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and many more. For that purpose also you need some extra money. So always keep some extra amount with you.

6. Everyone is in the same boat

Everyone is in the same boat

You must have a little courage to talk to strangers. Because in the tourist place everyone is in the same situation and everyone is looking for new friends. So you must invite people to join you. This will make your trip more exciting, and at the same time, you will also make some friends from different places. To do all this you have to say just a Hello.