Delhi is known for many things, but the food is one thing that tops the list. You will see the varieties of food available in Delhi and the people over there love eating. This has also led to a huge hike in the number of eateries. South Delhi is famous mainly for its food, so here are some of the best restaurants in South Delhi.

Top restaurants in South Delhi


South Delhi's best restaurants

This European café is located in Khan Market and is an excellent place for drinks and food. They have an extensive collection of wine, a very well-crafted menu, and the food over there. The specialty over there is spicy pork sausages, puff baked Camembert, and roasted Belgian pork belly.

You can spend your lazy afternoons over here watching the view outside the window; The restaurant is in Khan Market, an excellent place for shopping, dates, and cocktail afternoons.

Andhra Bhawan

Andhra Bhawan best restaurants

Andhra Bhawan specializes in Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine; they are famous for their atmosphere and their cheap food. The specialty over here is the South Indian thali and Mutton fry. These thalis are unlimited, so you can always ask for more servings, and there is no limit to it.

Sundays are special over here as they make special lunch Hyderabadi biryani and the people over there love it. If you want to get a taste, you have to go there early.

Azam’s Mughlai

Azam's Mughlai South Delhi
Top restaurants in South Delhi, Azam’s Mughlai South Delhi

This restaurant might be a bit odd compared to other expensive restaurants in the Khan market, but the delicacies it offers are incredible. It is just a tiny kebab joint, and its specialty is mutton seekh and the mutton kebabs. The chicken tikka is also something you shouldn’t miss out on.

This place is for non-vegetarians, although it does have a few vegetarian dishes. It is undoubtedly the best street shack in a posh market, which ends up grabbing all the attention.

Leo’s Pizzeria

Leo's Pizzeria south Delhi
Top Restaurants In South Delhi, Leo’s Pizzeria south Delhi

Leo’s has been serving Neapolitan pizza since 2017, and it is everybody’s favorite in south Delhi, or we can say it is simply the best pizza in the entire Delhi. The high-quality ingredients they use to make this pizza is what makes the pizza so tasty. The crust and the cheese everything they make has high-quality ingredients.

This little pizzeria is located in Priya Complex and gets its name and logo from the owner’s pet dog. The pizzas over here are best hot and warm, and delivery would be a real letdown.


best restaurants in south delhi, ROOH

Rooh is famous for its Modern Indian Cuisine. They have not done any mix-ups and brought other cuisines into Indian cuisine. All the Indian foods have been improvised and elevated to the next level here in Rooh.

Along with the beautiful modern Indian dishes, Rooh also offers the best view of Qutub Minar. The ambiance of this place is warm, lovely, and the specialty of Rooh is their non-veg menu.


These are some of the best restaurants in South Delhi, and they offer good food and good ambiance, atmosphere, and services. Make sure to drop by these places and give your tummies a treat.