Europe has some of the world’s best cuisines, and while returning to Europe this summer, we were reminded of how crucial a destination’s cuisine is in complementing our travels and activities. We’ve been enjoying Greek cuisine (again) and exquisite French cuisine in southern France this month, and as we plan our future coverage from our summer in Europe, we thought we’d start with a roundup of Spanish food and why traditional Spanish meals are among the best you’ll find.

  1. Paella de Mariscos

Paella is one of the most popular dishes in Spain. This delectable supper is the national cuisine of many Spaniards. Paella has a long history, having begun in Valencia and gained popularity before spreading throughout the country and finally the world. Do you want to try your hand at making Spanish paella at home? Paella is a dish that most travelers who are familiar with Spanish cuisine are familiar with. However, like with many popular dishes, the true version prepared in the recipe’s original location is unbeatable.

If you travel to Valencia, you can sample the traditional paella, which is made with rice, Spanish saffron, and rosemary and topped with a variety of meats. Rabbit, sausage, chicken, and even snails are common examples.

  1. Iberico Jamon

Did you know that Spain is a major producer and consumer of ham? Over 35 million hams are produced each year in the United States. When you eat Jamon Iberico, a cured ham meal, you’ll understand why. The traditional Spanish meal, which is such an important element of Spanish cuisine, can be found all throughout the country, with some of the most popular varieties being found in Madrid.

In the 1400s, Iberico ham became popular in Spanish cuisine. The wonderful Spanish food’s simplicity no sure appeals to the masses. Black Iberian pigs are used to make the ham, which may be found all across the peninsula. Before serving, it’s salted and cured in the open air for up to 36 months to cure.

There are two types of cured Iberian ham available in Spain, with Jamon Iberico being more expensive and of greater quality than Jamon Serrano. Why not spoil yourself while you’re on the road? It’s one of the most well-known hams on the planet, thanks to its savory-sweet flavor and silky texture.

  1. Chorizo sausage

Chorizo, one of the most prevalent components in the best Spanish cuisine, is available all over the globe. However, the origins of the sausage can be traced back to 16th century Spain. Over the next five centuries, it evolved into a wide range of flavors, including spicy, sweet, smoked, dry-cured, and even vegan chorizo.