India is a bewildering fusion of incredible food, people, places, landmarks, and culture that will throw you to the challenge. Traveling to India is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you should not miss. It is a large and changing nation with many cultures, religions, and languages coexisting in peace.

If you’re cautious about visiting India, don’t be! We’ve put together some helpful hints and details so you’ll know what to expect when you arrive in India and avoid experiencing too much culture shock.

Traveling to India

Don’t expect-

First and foremost, don’t hold your breath for anything.

India will astound you! If you have high or low standards, you will not get what you want. What is the reason for this?

It is because India is a one-of-a-kind, i.e., its unique country. It is rapidly changing, but there are many areas in which it can progress.

Some people mistakenly believe that India is a developed country without any sanitation issues.

Others, on the other hand, believe that India is a backward country with little to give.

Both of these perspectives are incorrect since India lies somewhere in the center of both extremes. So don’t expect anything because this beautiful place will astound you.

Indian Highways and roads

Indian Highways and roads

With an inadequacy of road rules, traffic lights, the state of the roads, constant honking, and every transportation imaginable, from cars to bikes to auto-rickshaws backed up to camels, India’s roads are complete chaos. Being a passenger in a vehicle and a pedestrian can be frightening, but it’s all part of Indian culture and how the country operates.

Prepare to bargain.

Foreigners end up paying a lot more for it (at least three times more than an Indian). Local traders and sellers exploit foreigners’ lack of local knowledge.

Bargaining is widespread in India, and you’ll see many locals doing it for various things.

You will be safe from duping like this in malls or well-known restaurants (such as McDonald’s). However, you will have to bargain in all other local locations, such as a rickshaw driver or a local garment store.

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The State of Poverty

The State of Poverty in india

The suffering in India is painfully evident, and it’s always challenging to see and embrace because most of us have lived comfortable lives in contrast. With India being one of the world’s poorest countries with such a large population, you will see plenty of slums and beggars.

You will be confused by beggars ranging in age from children to the elderly who will do anything to get a few bucks. There is also a stark divide between the wealthy and the poor, which you can’t help but notice when you see luxury cars driving through slums or mansions constructed next to shantytowns.

The Odors-

Your senses go into high alert as soon as you arrive in India. India has a wide variety of smells, ranging from positively wonderful to utterly terrifying; nevertheless, this is all part of the experience. Expect a mixture of incense, herbs, and cooking food to mix with urine and garbage stench.

.These are some of the suggestions that you need to keep in mind! All the best for your experience in Incredible India!