There are thousands of people traveling every day and going on trips. We see a lot of men going on solo trips but it is rare to see many women do so, the reason being safety and also some social norms. Just like men, women also love traveling and there is too much beauty in the country for women to be sitting in their houses.

Women To Go On Solo Trips In India

Here are some of the best places for solo women travellers.


Sikkim, Women To Go On Solo Trips In India

It is a state in north-east India near the border of Tibet and Nepal. It is a very small state but the beauty is quite unmatched. The flora and fauna are exquisite with warm summers and snowy winters. There are some incredible places for your eyes to feast upon.

You can also enjoy the view of the Mountains like the Kanchenjunga and see many different kinds of animals and birds. The endangered species of red pandas can also be seen here. You can also experience rich Buddhist culture here.


Women To Go On Solo Trips In India

If you want a breadth of French air then Pondicherry is the place to be in. It has a beautiful ambience with some picturesque beaches. It is also famous for its French cafes and the streets and the houses add to the aesthetic.

5 Must Visit Beaches In Pondicherry During Family Vacation

Renting a cycle and going around the place and going to the beach and relaxing might just be one of the most relaxing things to experience.



Talking about solo trips, there is one place we cannot miss out and that is Goa. Women on solo trips can also have a great time on the beaches indulging in water sports and enjoying the parties. The seafood is something that you cannot miss out as well.

Else than the beaches there are many other forts and churches that you take a visit to and enjoy. The Hivre waterfalls is also a picture-perfect spot.


Women To Go On Solo Trips In India

Also known as the cultural capital of Karnataka is one great for solo trips. Once home to brave Tipu Sultan himself. It also hosts one of the biggest and the most unique festivals of all the Mysore Dasara.

The palaces, the temples and the cathedrals take you to another voyage of architectural masterpiece. Else than that the famous Mysore silk sarees might also be one reason for you to take a trip to Mysore.


Leh Ladakh Jammu & Kashmir, Women To Go On Solo Trips In India
Women To Go On Solo Trips In India. Leh Ladakh Jammu & Kashmir

If you are a woman and you love bike riding then Ladakh is one place you cannot miss out. It has become quite popular for women solo travellers as well. The silence where all the hills are calling for you and the cold desert is one to yearn for.

You can be a part of adventures like trekking, camping and river rafting. You can also have spiritual escape with all the monastery visits.


Shimla, Women To Go On Solo Trips In India
Women To Go On Solo Trips In India, Shimla

If you are looking for a winter getaway trip then there is no better place than Shimla. The calmness of the snow along with the adventure of the snow and the fun and games is one combination. You can access it easily from cities like Delhi which also makes it very easy for women travellers.

The colonial architectural representations also keep your eyes peeled on. Don’t forget to take a ride of the Shimla toy train.