India is a beautiful and diverse country that is on the bucket list of many people. India has developed slowly and silently, but some local and social customs you need to follow so that you don’t end up offending someone. Here are some important things one should never do in India to have a safe and delightful trip.

No shoes inside a temple/house.

Things you should never do in India

It is necessary to remove your shoes/slippers before you enter a temple in India. It is considered holy, and footwear is dirty, so never wear shoes inside a temple. You should also remove your shoes before entering somebody’s house unless they insist you do not remove them.

Don’t receive or give with your left hand.

In India, the left hand is used primarily for unclean activities like cleaning toilets or feet. Ensure you receive or give things with your right hand, especially in temples and with your elders. However, this is not compulsory for left-hand people.

Don’t point your finger or touch things with your feet.

Pointing your fingers at someone is considered a very rude gesture in India, so you can use your entire palm to do the job. Also, touching things like books and educational instruments with your feet is considered unholy. If it happens mistakenly, then you are supposed to apologize calmly.

Avoid Skimpy clothes

Avoid Skimpy clothes

I’m not saying you should never wear skimpy clothes, but it is better to avoid such garments, especially in villages and small towns. Being modest with your attire is highly recommended as some old cultural values are still followed in such places. There is more freedom in metropolitan cities in the country.

Don’t show affection in public.

In India, it is preferable to keep your affection in private places. Many people do not like the site of PDA and frown upon it. You can even go to jail for displaying your love in public. It might be alright among young people in-crowd, but the elders aren’t so cool about it.

Don’t drink tap water.

Don’t drink tap water.

The water that comes from taps in India can be harmful, and it can make you sick. It is preferable to carry a water bottle with you. Most people in the country buy bottled water or boil the tap water to make it potable. Bottled water is cheap, so that you can drink that.

Don’t expect everyone to speak English.

Almost 23 languages are spoken in India, which shows the diversity of the country. There is a different language for a different place here, so you cannot expect everybody to know English. You can get by with English in certain areas, but it does not work all the time.

Don’t carry only credit cards.

All the big hotels and malls, and stores might have credit card facilities, but cash is the king in India. Many places in India do not accept the card in India, so it is better to carry cash around with you, especially in small villages and towns.